I’ve heard countless stories of how social media can have a negative effect on people. Especially teenagers and children. And I agree with a lot of those stories.

Social media allows humans to do things that maybe humans were never supposed to do. You can open an app, create some content, and almost instantaneously interact with millions of people.

Complete strangers.

People you don’t know, and may never meet. People whom you’re giving information about your life that maybe they shouldn’t have.

Is this really an ability that humans are supposed to pursue?

I do think that social media can have an adverse effect on a lot of people. The fact that most people don’t want to discuss though, is that it all goes back to how social media was presented to you.

I don’t think a lot of young people where introduced to social media properly and I also don’t think a lot of young people understand what the internet really is.

I can’t count the number of times I heard of someone posting a photo on one app, and being surprised when they find it on another. Or being surprised when they find their photo on a foreign website. Too many people just don’t know what the internet really is.

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