Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting The Dreams To Journeys Newsletter.

I just wanted to write a little greeting for the first readers. You being here probably means that you’re in need of creative content tools.

I created Dreams To Journeys because 2020 caused a lot of hardships and brought along a lot of life changes. I wanted to counteract those changes with happiness. I used my spare time to see how I could use the internet more efficiently.

I also wanted to create some additional side hustles. With the future being so uncertain with a pandemic going on, I wanted to find ways to better provide financial security.

I discovered that surprisingly, there were so many free services to help people create. So many free resources that enabled you to up your game.

I ended up being so surprised at how many websites there were. And as the day went on, I’d discover even more.

I thought: This would be way easier if everything was on one website.

I found websites that were close, but nothing that really fit my needs. Nothing was organized in a way that would be efficient for me.

So I made it myself.

Months of hard work, and dozens of mistakes later, I’ve finally done it.

Hopefully, this brings value to not only myself, but to other creators out there.

Dreams To Journeys was made to be an index of free digital resources. Over the many next years I intend to keep updating it with the internet’s best free resources.

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Thank you so much for visiting.

I hope I helped.

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